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Gym of the Month - Ultimate Fitness - Imperial Beach, CA

Gym of the Month - Ultimate Fitness - Imperial Beach, CA

Chris Fortunato |

Looking to workout in the San Diego area? Make sure to swing by Ultimate Fitness in Imperial Beach, CA. Located just a few miles down the coast from the TG HQ, Ultimate Fitness is set up for any fitness enthusiast to get the blood flowing. If strength training is your thing, you’ll be right at home with access to plenty of plates, benches, and lifting stations.
If you’re a cardio junkie, on the other hand, make sure to head upstairs to get your heart rate up with a selection of Tru Grit conditioning equipment. You might have to fight for a spot in line for the single Grit Bike, but the Runner aisle is well stocked. If you’ve never tried one of our manual curved treadmills, this is a great chance to experience it for yourself. These Runners are a fantastic way to mix some conditioning in to your workout – great for any home, or commercial gym.
While we were happy to check up on things and meet a few new faces, the real reason behind our visit was to deliver a very special piece of equipment. Ultimate Fitness ordered one of our new Dynamic Event Rigs in a custom yellow powder-coat finish. We wanted to hand deliver it – and it sure did turn some heads. If the goal is high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements – you won’t find a better suited piece of equipment than this rig.  
This unit is designed to be a free-standing structure, featuring cross monkey bars, pull-up bars, and is easily equipped with our Olympic Rings. Looking to squat down? Each post is drilled to accept our J-Hooks, so you can use each station as an individual power rack. If your space has a large footprint to fill, this rig is a very efficient and multi-functional use of space. If you’re building more of a garage gym setup without as much space, take a look at the rest of our line of Racks and Rigs.

Check Out Our Walk Through of Ultimate Fitness: