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9 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Athlete Dad

9 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Athlete Dad

Nicollette Guido |

9 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Athlete Dad

Are you running out of Father's Day gift ideas? Fathers are loved and celebrated worldwide for their contributions to their kids' lives. With the dedicated annual Father's Day always approaching, friends and families globally face the challenge of keeping up with the latest ideas for Father's Day gifts.

Fortunately, picking a Father's Day gift doesn't need to be a hassle. It’s about understanding the recipient's passion, interests, and lifestyle. For instance, is the gift recipient into fitness?

If yes, what can you give him that serves a purpose for his lifestyle fitness? This gift guide highlights some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for the athletic dad, grandpa, or father figure.

What Should I Get My Dad for Father's Day?

Planning a Father's Day gift surprise is not an easy task. Most dads will likely brush off the idea of receiving gifts to minimize the sentimentality that comes with it or for other reasons. However, they are unlikely to refuse, especially if it is a thoughtful gift.

If your father figure is athletic or committed to learning how to get rid of a dad bod, the perfect place to start is with a reputable fitness product vendor. Read further to browse some of the top fitness gift ideas for Father's Day from Tru Grit.

How Do I Choose What to Gift My Dad for Father's Day?

As previously mentioned, some of the criteria you can use when scoping out the best gifts for Father’s Day include:

  • What they love
  • What can help them in their situation (for example, taking care of a bill or two on his behalf)
  • Gifts that allow them to maintain a lifestyle (for example, gym wear or barbells for weight lifting).

However, for an athletic dad, you can pick one or more gift ideas from the many fitness categories and products available from different vendors.

  1. Does your dad love to run? (Think of ideas like running shoes, a fitness tracking watch, etc.)
  2. Does your dad lift weights? (Think of items like high-quality premium Tru Grit weightlifting barbells, weightlifting belts, etc.)
  3. Is your dad into martial arts and acrobatics? You can get them a membership at a local martial arts club.

What Should I Get My Dad if He Likes to Run?

Whether the gift recipient likes to run indoors or outdoors, you can't run short of gift ideas for Father's Day. Some of the best gifts for dads who like to run include:

#1 A Grit Runner Curved Manual Treadmill

The Grit Runner curved self-propelled treadmill is unlike the other non-motorized treadmills in the manual. As a 100% manually operated treadmill, this product allows the user to challenge himself up to six resistance levels. It has zero electrical consumption, making it a perfect Father's Day gift idea for the athletic dad who has to worry about electrical consumption and bills.

#2 Running Wear

Essential running items you can get for your Father's Day include:

Running shoes

A good pair of running shoes that are the perfect fit can help avoid running injuries. If it is your first time shopping for running shoes—for yourself or your dad—visit a running specialty store where experts can recommend the right shoes. Features to consider when choosing the perfect running shoes for Father's Day gift ideas include:

  • Reflective surface
  • Cushioning vs. lightweight
  • Tread.

However, you need to know the recipient's exact measurements to avoid getting running shoes that don't fit.

Running Clothes

Synthetic bled runner socks are the safer alternative to 100% cotton socks since they minimize sweat-related incidences or blisters. You can get him a beautiful pair of customized polyester, CoolMax, or acrylic socks. You can also gift him running-specific clothes designed for the task. Ensure the garments provide solutions for:

  • Cold and hot weather
  • Dark/ night-time running
  • Extreme sweating.

#3 Sports Watch

Timing runs, tracking routes via GPS, tracking heart rates and other metrics, and staying on pace during races are functions of a high-tech, modern running watch.

Other gift ideas for Father's Day if your dad loves to run include:

  • High-quality sun protection
  • Running belt.

What Should I Get My Dad if He Likes to Lift Weights?

Weight training is a common type of fitness practice for men. Whether done from home or a gym facility, weight training for men has immense benefits, including:

  • Improved overall health. It increases bone density, thus reducing the risks of fractures
  • Improves physical performance
  • Helps with mental health
  • Strengthens cognitive functions.

Weight training requires different sets of tools, including barbells and dumbbells. They range in price, size, technology, and design. Unfortunately, if you want to get weightlifting-related Father’s Day gifts for your dad, you may come across overly priced choices, especially those used in commercial gym facilities.

On the bright side, you can come across reasonably priced yet still effective weightlifting products that your dad or the gift recipient can use at home. Below are some of the Father's Day gift ideas for a dad who likes to lift weights:


Barbells are used in bodybuilding, weight training, powerlifting, and weightlifting. Weights are attached to each end of the long bar. Barbells come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They range from standard barbells to Olympic barbells that can hold up to 1000lbs. Some of our best barbells pick for Father's Day gift ideas include:

The 45lb barbell

The 45lb Olympic Barbell by Tru Grit is designed to surpass every user's expectations. Anyone can use this barbell for strength training and weight lifting, from beginners to pros. It features an industrial-grade steel build and a 205,000 psi tensile strength, with the potential to evoke confidence in every rep and set.

15lb barbell

The 15lb Technique Barbell is an excellent choice for dads who are relatively new to weightlifting. It is slightly lighter than the Olympic version though they share diameter. Additionally, the barbell provides a superb scaling opportunity for any user looking to improve their technique. Get this 15lb barbell for your dad's Father's Day gift surprise if he isn't planning on heavy lifting or wants to train for Olympic weightlifting.

Curl barbell

The Olympic EZ Curl Bar is designed to help users alternate grips, thus changing the intensity of a lift with a specific targeted muscle group in mind. It can be used for various curl exercises and provides multiple options if you want to target your upper body strength. Rest assured, the curl bar is designed with top-quality stainless steel and industrial-grade needle bearing, making it the perfect Father's Day gift idea for a weightlifting dad.

Trap Bars

The Olympic Hex Weight Trap Bar by Tru Grit is perfect for anyone who wants to deadlift but may have lower back or hip mobility challenges. It's also applicable in performing squats, bent-over rows, shrug moves, or overhead movements for strength training. Like all Tru Grit weight lifting products, the weight hex trap bar is made from top-of-the-line industrial-grade steel to ensure maximum strength, stability, and durability.

Barbell and Plate Set

This Olympic Barbell & Bumper Plate Set is the perfect solution for weightlifters training from home. It comes with a 35lb and 45lb barbell, spring collar set, and different bumper plates, including;

  • Competition bundle (total 260lbs)
  • Elite bundle (370lbs).

The bundle is ideal for use with barbells included in the set. You can also purchase an additional straight or curl barbell to increase the range of application. Every item in the set is made from high-quality materials to allow easy and safe usage and handling. The barbell and plate set is ultimately the best Father's Day gift for a gym fanatic dad.

What Gift Should You Get Your Dad if He Likes Hiking or Biking

Health and fitness gift ideas vary widely depending on different types of fitness routines. Besides running and weightlifting, one can be passionate about hiking or biking different trails. If your dad likes one or both, below are a few Father's Day gift ideas to pick from:

A Stationary Air-Resistance Bike

Depending on where you live, outdoor biking during the summer months can be brutal. Don’t let the heat stop Dad from getting his favorite form of exercise by surprising him with an indoor stationary bike equipped with an air resistant fan wheel. Tru Grit’s Air Resistance Exercise Bike is the perfect go-to for any Dad that is looking to up his aerobic and anaerobic fitness all year long. Not only is it the perfect addition to an at-home gym, it’s also extremely quiet providing seamless transitions as you switch resistance gears.

An Electric Bike

Electric bikes (e-bikes) are the safer alternatives to regular bikes due to their designs. They help with the traditional pedaling, making them the perfect tools to scale steep trails.

Hiking Boots

Hiking is an extreme sport, especially if it involves rough terrains likely to expose one's feet to injuries or blisters. Get your dad a pair of dedicated hiking boots designed to comfortably handle different terrains and trails.

Protective Eyewear

If your dad likes to hike or bike, the chances are that they get annoyed by windy situations, which may hinder visibility. A comfortable pair of fitting eyewear helps them stay on track without worrying about extreme weather conditions like wind and snow.

What About a Membership Subscription?

Almost every sport and fitness activity comes with a premium membership, from a gym membership to local hiking group memberships. One of the best ways to gift your athletic dad for Father's Day is to take up the regular subscription, even if for a limited time.

Bottom Line

Every gifting season often requires plenty of thought and research if you aim to make an impact. At Tru Grit, we make gifting easier for you, especially if the intended recipient is enthusiastic about fitness. We supply a wide range of fitness products, from barbells to weights, that you can gift any male figure in your circle. Browse our selection of fitness products for some of the best gift ideas for Father's Day for an athletic dad.