Supporting Legends - Land and Sea: Tru Grit x Kai Lenny

What does a real life aquaman look like? Well…to say the least Kai Lenny fits the role. Kai holds the 2019-’20 WSL Big Wave Award for the Men’s best overall performance and the 2020 XXL Biggest Wave Award for his 70-food ride at Nazaré. When Mark Zuckerberg challenged himself to learn how to ride a Hydrofoil, Kai was the first guy on the speed dial. So, pretty safe to say that Kai is the guy when it comes to the water. 
Kai Lenny walks underwater, smile on his face, with a Tru Grit 30lb dumbbell
Big wave surfing calls for extensive physical and mental training to prepare for those 50+ foot waves. It is not uncommon for sets of big waves to hold a person underwater for 30 seconds or more. That may not sound like a long time, until you find yourself in an underwater spin-cycle after having ridden one of the biggest waves in the world. This is where underwater breathwork can become a very precious skill to train.
Athletes do not come more dedicated than Kai, so it is no surprise that he takes his breath training seriously. There is certainly a cardiovascular and a mental element to perfecting this ability, but the best way to train for most things is by getting out and doing. Kai, the aquaman he is, decided to take one of Tru Grit's hex dumbbells out on the ocean floor for some practice. 
Taking a quick stroll with the fish, Kai ran up and down the seafloor as if he was one with the ocean. It might seem odd to see him training with a big smile on his face while he is a few dozen feet below water, but it really goes to show that even when pushing his limits, not much compares to the big waves he faces on game day. 
The dumbbell is only part of the equation when Kai is training, as the weigh isn't so much the focus as it is a tool. The 30 pound weight helps to keep him anchored to the ocean floor so that he can keep his momentum and heart rate up, all while holding his breath and combating the increased pressure that his lungs and body face under the weight of the water. 
Looking to increase your breath hold under pressure? Learn from the aquaman himself - grab a dumbbell and hit the ocean floor. Just make sure to do it safely. Kai is a trained pro and knows his limits, but even he would never train under water without a buddy that knows what to do in an emergency. Make sure to follow along with Kai (@kai_lenny) as he continues to push surfing to new limits. 
Tru Grit has an array of tools to help get you to your absolute best shape. We are here to support legends, land and sea. Shop Here, and achieve the best version of yourself.

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