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Tips to Shop Smart this Holiday Season

Tips to Shop Smart this Holiday Season

Kolette Morehead |


It’s almost December 25th and the holidays approach faster than you’ve thought. You thought you had plenty of time to get all the presents for it to be the perfect year. 

Now you are days away from Christmas and scrambling to get your presents together. But, everything's either sold out online or all of the stores don't have what you need. Panic sets in and you swear to yourself that next year going to be different. 

Trust me, we’ve all been there. 

We’ve created some tips on how to shop smart this Black Friday season and eliminate stress: 

1) Create a list, and check it twice. 

Nothing gets done if it's not on a list. I know that not everyone is a list girl like me but this season tries becoming one! Start by creating a list of family, friends, and anyone else you want to get gifts for this holiday season. When you know who to buy for, it's easier (and satisfying) to cross it off your list and help you stay organized.

2) Think of meaningful gifts 

Next to that new list of people that you wrote down, leave a little space for each person. In that white space ask yourself about the person you're buying for. What are their hobbies, interests, etc? Maybe they love soccer and need a new soccer ball or cleats. Or maybe they’ve been working on their home gym and need a new set of dumbbells.

3) Shop the True Grit Black Friday sale

There's no better time to save than Black Friday. Lucky for you guys, our pre-black Friday sale is live right now. Up to 70% off of selected items, this is our biggest sale of the year! Have a friend or family member that's been talking about working out? With these discounts, you're going to want to get whatever you give to someone, for yourself. The 2023 version of yourself will thank you for saving and stocking up now. 

4) Move your body 

My biggest piece of advice this holiday season is to move! Make an effort to move your body once a day. Even if it's a walk outside for 10 minutes or a quick HIIT workout in your room. We know the Holidays can get stressful so eliminate some of that stress by making an effort and moving daily to help your mind and body. 

We wish everyone luck this holiday season and don’t forget to check out our sale. Remember, it pays to be early.