foam competition soft plyo box
Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box
Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box
Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box
Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box
Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box
Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box

Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box

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  • Industrial Grade Wood Core
  • Rigid Foam Covering To Keep Your Shins Guarded
  • Non Slip Textured Vinyl Surface
Tru Grit Fitness Soft Foam Plyometric Fitness Box

Constructed from interlocking wood joints

Composed of wood with interlocking joints for added structural stability.

3-in-1 Soft Foam Plyo Box

Non Slip Vinyl Surface

Crafted from a textured vinyl to create an non slip surface.

30"/24"/20" Adjustable Plyo Box

30"/24"/20" Adjustable Height Options

Adjust your box height with a simple flip. Select between three distinct heights 30"/24"/20"


Tru Grit Fitness Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box

For strength and stability, this Foam Competition Soft Plyo Box is composed of wood with interlocking joints. It has a dense foam padding on the inside to help reduce impact and protect your shins if you miss a leap. The plyo box's dimensions allow you to choose between three different heights based on how it's flipped. One of the biggest fears that new athletes have with plyometric training with boxes is accidentally injuring themselves while performing the movement. Not only will the soft foam exterior reduce any impact, but the heavy duty vinyl surface is non-slip, allowing you to maintain stability throughout each series of leaps.

Foam padding of our plyo box softens your landing and protects you from scrapes from missed jumps. Plyometric movements are made possible by interlocking joints, which provide a robust and sturdy foundation. Internal reinforcing is also present in the two larger sizes. Foam cushioning protects a wooden box from chipping and splintering over time. The soft foam also protects the floors of your home gym.

Tru Grit Fitness is prided on creating high quality fitness equipment for all fitness levels and our foam plyo boxes are no exception. Whether you are performing a box jump or using the foam box for step ups, you can be confident that our heavy duty vinyl surface will help prevent any slippage. The 3-in-1 design allows for advanced athletes to push their limits on taller boxes and newer athletes to practice the plyometric movement on shorter boxes.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Foam
  • Heights: 20", 24", and 30".


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