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What to expect in 2023 with Tru Grit Fitness

What to expect in 2023 with Tru Grit Fitness

Kolette Morehead |

New year, new goals. 

Unlike equinox which doesn't speak in January, we’re excited for our new customers committed to crushing their goals this year.

If you decided this year to give 110% in the gym or even just set foot in the gym for the first time, congratulations! This is an exciting journey. 

We know how intimidating it can be going to the gym for the first time, hence the appeal of that sweet home gym you got in your garage just a few feet away from your couch. It can be hard to get motivated especially in this cold weather to work out, I don’t blame you that the bed is super warm, and getting up early to work out sounds well, hard. 

Let us help you get excited to crush your goals with 3 new products we’re launching in 2023. The Reaper Bike, Runner Elite, and the Icon Bench. 

First up, the Reaper Bike. This bike was designed in-house by our team of fitness enthusiasts. The Tru Grit Reaper Bike was developed with the purpose to set a new level of innovation to the dan bike and cardio category. Made from industrial-grade steel and styled with steel and styled with sleek commercial-grade plastic fairings. The first-in-class bike featuring 8 levels of magnetic resistance to challenge your cardio workouts to a new level never seen before. Track, challenge, and gamify your workout by connecting your reaper bike to your favorite fitness apps with Bluetooth/ANT capabilities. 

The Icon Bench and Elite Runner will come out later in 2023. So keep up to date on our socials for these special drops. If that bike sounds enticing to you, pre-order is now available at

Happy 2023 folks, we’re so excited to help everyone achieve their goals this year.