Glute Ham Developer - Tru Grit Fitness
Glute Ham Developer - Tru Grit Fitness
Glute Ham Developer - Tru Grit Fitness
Glute Ham Developer - Tru Grit Fitness

Glute Ham Developer


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Tru Grit Fitness GHD Developer

The Tru Grit GHD Developer will help you strengthen your core, hamstrings, and glutes. You'll have the confidence to smash through your GHD training day in and day out thanks to the 2"x 2" powder coated square tubing. You can sculpt your glutes, strengthen your abdominal muscles, and fire up your posterior chain to become a powerful athlete by strengthening your core. The GHD Developer is simple to assemble and comes with all of the essential components.

The heavy duty, durable construction of our GHD machine is perfect for any home gym. We featured wheels at the back of the machine to make it easier to maneuver, which is essential when you're working in smaller spaces such as a garage gym. The ankle roller pads use a thick padding for maximum comfort during all of your exercises. The ankle support pads and the footplate can be vertically adjusted to fit a wide range of heights.

The Tru Grit GHD Developer sit-ups put a strong emphasis on abdominal contractions, and using a GHD machine to train your spinal erectors is one of the safest ways to do it. The Glute Hamstring Developer Ham is a piece of must-have training equipment for athletes looking to improve core, lower back, hamstrings, glute strength and midline stabilization. Whether you need GHD machines for your commercial gym or home gym, Tru Grit Fitness provides top of the line fitness equipment that can support all of your athletic goals.


  • Finish: eco-coat powder coating.
  • Material: Thick, heavy-gauge steel tubing
  • Weight: 1,300 lbs 

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