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Tara Naficy |

Strength & Character, Vol. 1 is a product-focused series highlighting the integrity and innovation at Tru Grit Fitness. We aim to create indestructible equipment for those who refuse to quit. We’re eager to educate consumers on the durability of our products, developed to withstand the most outrageous conditions.

 Back in November, Red Bull Air Force member, Jeff Provenzano, and CrossFit & Titan Games athlete, Dani Speegle tested the strength of our equipment from 10,000 feet. Near Area 51, they dropped our 45lb dumbbell to the Arizona desert ground while skydiving.

 “The Tru Grit culture was built on passion, innovation and collaboration, which is reflected in all aspects of the brand. We believe in being disruptive – from the design of our products to the way we test them, which is how we created the ‘Strength & Character’ series. We’ve developed indestructible equipment for those who refuse to quit, and we think these tests are an innovative and exciting way to educate consumers.”- Matt Piva, Co-founder and CMO.

 Our team meticulously considers every review, comment, and opinion when it comes to product experience. The equipment is countlessly assessed to provide the highest quality possible. Our Hex Rubber Coated Dumbbells have 360-degree steel welded handles, high-quality thermal plastic rubber heads, and a knurled grip. With superior strength, our dumbbells are your go-to for resistance training.

 From the local big box gym to your personal workout space, we have created a diverse line of fitness products for all skill levels. The goal was to create a premium line of functional products that surpass the durability requirements of even the most challenging conditions. We know every fitness journey has a different starting point or reason behind it. We only care that our products are designed to be as resilient as the human spirit. For those who refuse to quit.