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4 Kettlebell Benefits You Should Know About

4 Kettlebell Benefits You Should Know About

Nicollette Guido |

4 Life Changing Kettlebell Benefits You Should Know About

There are three words in the vernacular of all workout enthusiasts that, when spoken aloud, generate a knee-jerk reaction; cardio, burpees, and kettlebells.

Generally speaking, there is no middle ground for either of those either love 'em or hate 'em.

Kettlebells don't necessarily have a bad rap, but they are deemed by some to be a result of the CrossFit fad that has swept through gyms over the last decade.

We can assure you, kettlebell training is no fad.

In fact, the kettlebell has been used as an effective workout tool long before bicep curls with dumbbells or jerk and cleans with a bar.

But what is a kettlebell and how can it be used? Kettlebells are great strength training tools that can be used to tone and build muscle through exercises such as the kettlebell deadlift, kettlebell swing, kettlebell goblet squat, and more. Whether it be a cast iron kettlebell or adjustable kettlebell, these weights can help support fat burn and weight loss, making them useful for any workout routine.

The effectiveness of the kettlebell has withstood the test of time, and this article will clue you into the four most important benefits that kettlebell training produces.

What do kettlebells do for your body?

We will look at these benefits in more detail a little later on but generally, working with a kettlebell has four major benefits regarding your physical fitness and general well being:

1) An increase in explosiveness

2) Greater flexibility

3) Enhanced coordination

4) Improved stamina

If those kettlebell benefits aren't intriguing enough, working with them is also a great way to burn fat, build lean muscle, and tone hard-to-target problem areas like love handles, flabby thighs, and bingo arms.

Are kettlebells good for losing fat?

It would be too easy to answer this question with a simple yes or no, so let's dive into the reason behind the answer.

Yes, kettlebells are great for burning fat and for supporting weight loss. The reason kettlebells are so effective in burning fat is twofold. First, kettlebell exercises often engage the entire body. Kettlebell swings are especially good. But what muscles do kettlebell swings work out exactly? One of the kettlebell swing benefits includes targeting multiple muscle groups while still forcing the entire body to engage in order to complete the exercise.

The second reason that kettlebells are effective in eliminating fat is that working with a kettlebell increases the heart rate in a way that mimics cardio. There are not a lot of weight training exercises where you maintain an elevated heart rate. Sure, while you're doing your sets, your heart rate spikes. But, with kettlebell exercises specifically, your heart stays elevated, producing the perfect mix of cardio and resistance training.

Can you build a good physique with kettlebells?

Kettlebells are almost always suggested in articles that reference "getting shredded" or obtaining your perfect "beach body." Frankly, we have to say...those articles aren't wrong! In fact, the kettlebell may be one of the simplest ways to burn fat, build muscular endurance, add lean muscle mass, and tone that muscle into visible shred.

Kettlebells aren't magic; it takes dedication and hard work. Remember, kettlebells are still weights which means they are heavier than you would like them to be, and they will make you sweatier than you are typically used to. But, if you power through and stay committed, nothing will build you the physique you are looking for, like a consistent routine with kettlebells.

How long does it take to see results from kettlebells?

If you are training with a kettlebell consistently, you will begin to see noticeable improvements in only about a month! Although you shouldn't be surprised if others notice positive changes before you do...remember, we tend to be our own worst critics.

Now that we've had an overview of the kettlebell and the potential it has to improve your physical fitness, let's dive into the four major benefits of working with a kettlebell that everyone should know about:

1) Working With a Kettlebell Helps to Increase Explosiveness - If you're not an athlete, this one may seem unnecessary but believe us, an increase in explosiveness helps you in your daily life. We're all familiar with "dad noises." If you grunt when you attempt to get off the couch or groan when you have to stand up off the floor, you need to improve your explosiveness. If you audibly sigh or make an unintentional "oooff" sound when you pick up your toddler, you need to improve your explosiveness.

Explosiveness is the ability for your fast-twitch muscle tissues to engage quickly, allowing the bigger muscle groups to tighten and lift. Whether you are an athlete, a parent, or just a regular working stiff, improving explosive strength makes your life lighter, easier, and generally pain-free.

2) Working With A Kettlebell Leads To Greater Flexibility - Here is a quick list of normal adult activities that all require flexibility, range of motion, and a general ability to bend: golf, yoga, swimming, gardening, housework, car repair, putting dishes away, putting on new sheets. If you're an adult, you need to be able to bend, and the functional movements of many kettlebell exercises will help you improve your flexibility.

3) Working With A Kettlebell Enhances Your Coordination - Kettlebell exercises, especially the most common movement, the kettlebell swing, requires your body to work in unison. Your body working in unison is also called coordination, and the more you practice it, the better your body gets at it. If you consider yourself clumsy, if you trip just by walking down the sidewalk, you need to improve your coordination.

Even if you believe that you have impressively good reflexes and you're naturally graceful, coordination can always be improved. Making the different parts of the body move together as one cohesive unit via kettlebell exercise will enhance your coordination, and your life will be far less clumsy as a result.  

4) Working With A Kettlebell Improves Stamina - Due to the nature of many kettlebell workouts, the act of lifting with a kettlebell almost mimics the effect of a cardio workout. The difference between regular lifting and kettlebell exercises is that kettlebell workouts generally involve a high intensity that leaves the heart rate elevated for longer periods of time.

This phenomenon, combined with the fact that you are building muscle strength via resistance training, forces the body to keep up or quit. The act of repeating this type of vigorous workout multiple times a week increases stamina in a way that other workouts simply cannot.

Why Adding Kettlebells To Your Workout Is A Good Idea

Many of us spend our day stationery, sedentary, and generally motionless. Adding kettlebell exercise helps combat the negative physical effects of desk jobs while providing a much-needed boost of adrenaline to flush out the daily buildup of unwanted cortisol.

Kettlebell exercises help keep your body toned, your reflexes sharp, and your mind engaged. Don't fall victim to being inflexible or unathletic. Instead, start today with Tru Grit by incorporating kettlebell workouts into your routine and watch as your reflection gets toned and strong. We offer a selection of premium kettlebells and kettlebell sets that would be great additions to your home gym.