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4 Dumbbell Storage Ideas To Protect Weights

4 Dumbbell Storage Ideas To Protect Weights

Nicollette Guido |

4 Dumbbell Storage Ideas To Protect Weights

Dumbbells are a fundamental part of any strength routine, and more likely than not, you’ll invest in a pair, or multiple, for your home gym. But as you start building your weights collection, you might be wondering how to store dumbbells to make your at-home gym welcoming, comfortable, and convenient.

After all, you want to spend your workout time making gains, rather than sorting through the clutter on the floor for your fitness equipment.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best dumbbell storage ideas to elevate your workout experience.

What are Dumbbells Used For?

Dumbbells are used in resistance training and they’re small enough to store in a home gym, small spaces, or even a small office. The benefits of working out with dumbbells include1:

  • Muscle development – Dumbbell exercises stimulate muscle growth through overload, which is the damage caused by muscle contractions. The muscle fibers then repair themselves, leading to an increase in the muscle. Beyond just size, dumbbell exercises can also help you achieve better coordination between muscles and joints.2
  • Flexibility – If you’ve used exercise machines at the gym, you know they mostly target one muscle or muscle group. However, dumbbells can be used in a variety of ways to target your biceps and triceps, glutes, and chest and shoulders.
  • Isolation – Working out with dumbbells means you can focus on one part of the body and really address those needs. Maybe your biceps are looking good, but you think your shoulders need a bit more love—just pick up a pair of rubber coated dumbbells and get to work.

Now, let’s jump into some tips and tricks for how to store dumbbells at home.

#1 Find a Tray

If you’re just getting started with strength training and you have only a few dumbbells, consider going the DIY route and using a tray to keep your dumbbells organized. Lay out your weights from lightest to heaviest so you can easily grab the sizes you want.

A tray is also an economical solution if you’re short on space. Once you’re done exercising, you can slide the tray inconspicuously under a nearby bed, couch, or table.

If you find that you’re moving your weights around frequently, think about using a box instead. The added convenience of the cover means you can pick up your dumbbells without any rolling off. Be careful, however, that the box isn’t so heavy you aren’t able to pick it up off the floor. This home gym storage option may work better for lighter dumbbells.3 

#2 Repurpose Your Furniture

Get creative and clear out some space around the house for your new pair of dumbbells. Examples of potential storage solutions include:

  • Empty drawers
  • Bookshelves
  • Shoe racks

Whatever you choose, make sure the weights are easily accessible. And if your dumbbells are heavy, consider keeping them on the lowest level of the shelf or drawer to avoid damage to the furniture.

#3 Get a Rack

If you find that your dumbbell count keeps going up, it might be time to invest in a high-quality 3 tier dumbbell rack to keep your fitness equipment organized. Dumbbell racks are the best way to store dumbbells, adding that extra touch to your home gym. They’re also a rite of passage and an essential component of any serious home gym.

Find a dumbbell rack with a durable frame that can withstand heavy loads. Most likely, you’ll be putting all your weights on there and you want it to hold up.

#4 Use Wall Storage

Storing dumbbells on the ground can get dangerous if you’re spending each workout session performing burpees, jumping jacks, and squat jumps in addition to your lateral raises, bicep curls, and lunges.

Reduce possible hazards by storing your weights on a mounted dumbbell storage shelf or wall dumbbell storage rack. This creates more space for your workout and conveniently stores your dumbbells at eye level for easy access.

If you’re handy, you can also build a wall shelf of your own that holds multiple workout equipment like your yoga mats, shoes, and towels for an all-in-one storage solution.

Benefits of a Proper Storage Solution

When creating a home gym, the addition of proper storage can work wonders and cultivate a space that you look forward to working out in each day. In addition to creating a motivational space, proper gym equipment storage also provides various benefits, including:

  • Organization – When using a dumbbell storage rack, it’s easy to organize your dumbbells by weight to improve your efficiency in the gym. In other words, this cuts down on the friction of starting a new exercise because you can quickly locate the dumbbells you need for a certain set and get to the important part—making gains.
  • Longer-lasting equipment – Keeping your dumbbells in a specific location means there’s less chance they’ll end up on the floor where they can get stepped on, kicked around, or scraped. Taking time to store your exercise equipment protects them from damage, keeps them clean, and improves their longevity. Plus, it’s no fun to pick up your dumbbell only to see someone spilled coffee on it on their way out.
  • Accessibility – The easier it is to reach your weights, the more likely you’ll use them regularly. If your dumbbells are stashed under other workout equipment and you’re breaking a sweat just trying to reach the bottom of the bin, you may lose the motivation to get started. Give your weights their own place and maximize your chances of following through.

Tru Grit: Storage with Style

Adding a creative or efficient dumbbell storage solution to your home gym allows you to maximize your space, maintain your equipment, and optimize your workout.

If you’re looking for a weight storage rack that lasts, Tru Grit has you covered.

We know you’re dedicated to personal fitness, and we want to take you to the next level. Whether it’s our three-tier commercial-grade steel rack or a set of elite dumbbells in all shapes and sizes, we’re here to help you crush those fitness goals no matter your skill level.


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