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3 Box Jump Benefits You'll Want To Experience

3 Box Jump Benefits You'll Want To Experience

Nicollette Guido |

3 Box Jump Benefits You'll Want To Experience

Whether it’s springing up to touch the ceiling, hopping from one foot to the other to warm up on a cold day, or jumping for joy when you hit that new personal record, there’s something about the motion that gets you going. Catching a bit of air, even in daily life, can’t help but exude excitement.

To shake up your go-to gym exercises, you might want to consider incorporating some jumps like those found in the most effective box workout routines. Box jumps, in particular, are one of the most effective ways to find that fitness spark—and they come with a host of benefits.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of plyometric box jumps, including improved health, a decreased risk for injury, and greater athleticism.

#1 Powerful Bones

Whether you’re warming up with a pre-workout jog, bending down to pick up a barbell, or preparing the perfect post-exercise meal, sturdy bones can only make you faster, stronger, and smoother in your movements.

In fact, the health-based benefits of strong bones include:1

  • Better posture, enabling your spine to support weight with ease
  • Greater range of motion, allowing you to jump, run, lift, and climb as you please
  • Improved stability, important in activities from a casual stroll to an intense HIIT workout

Beyond that, why are box jumps good, promising exercises to include in your fitness routine? According to a scientific study, such box jumping exercises increased bone mineral density throughout the body and the spine.2 At the same time, box jumps are relatively low-impact compared with traditional vertical jumps—thanks to the elevated surface.3

So, how to box jump? That’s the real question. Make box jumps a regular part of your fitness routine by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Use a lower box and perform twenty or more easy jumps as a quick warm-up.
  • Step 2 – Add a high box to your HIIT circuit, completing a set of eight to ten jumps each round.
  • Step 3 – Use a medium box and perform continuous box jumps for one to two minutes, cycling through three sets.

#2 Strong Hips

Fire up those hips with a regular box jump routine. Box jumps strengthen the hips through the following motions:4

  • Flexion – From performing high knees to climbing staircases, your hips come closer to your chest in a variety of movements.5 This directional motion, known as hip flexion, plays an important role in box jumps, during preparation and landing. With regular box jumping, you can strengthen your hip flexion muscles. Just make sure you maintain proper form to avoid injury.
  • Extension – Opposite to flexion, hip extension occurs when you kick your legs behind you.6 When you explode into the air during the box jump and quickly unwind your hips, you’re building strength and endurance in those hip extension muscles.

Your hips provide an important foundation for overall health and athleticism.

Some benefits of strong hip flexors include:7-9

  • Increased stability, keeping your pelvis balanced while running or lifting
  • Less risk for injury, preventing harmful muscle imbalances throughout the upper body and lower body
  • Explosive power, important when changing direction, squatting, and reaching

#3 Intense Cardio

Box jump benefits don’t just stop at overall health. They also provide a strong boost to your athleticism. Because of the coordination and force required to jump on top of the box, this exercise increases your explosiveness.

The advantages of combined speed and power are evident when:  

  • Lifting – Box jump workout routines train your muscles to fire simultaneously in the span of a moment, which is important when you’re working to increase the weight on your barbell.10 Without the necessary explosiveness, you may find yourself limited in the amount of load you can lift.
  • Racing – Whether you’re running, biking, or even hopping to the finish line, pushing off from the start with efficiency gives you that extra edge. Accommodate your nervous system to the required speed by making this plyometric training exercise a regular part of your routine.

To reap these cardio benefits, adjust your regular box jump workout routine in the following ways:

  • Perform jumps without breaks for long periods of time, for example, five minutes or more, to hone your endurance
  • Perform jumps in short quick bursts with longer periods of rest in between. For example, five jumps at maximum height and effort alternating with a one-minute rest

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