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Technique Training Barbell 5KG
Technique Training Barbell 5KG
Technique Training Barbell 5KG

Technique Training Barbell 5KG

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  • 28MM Bar Diameter
  • Created to help those learning to progress in their weight lifting journey
  • Crafted by Tru Grit Fitness


Our Trainer Barbell is an excellent training tool for those new to weightlifting. It has the same diameter as an Olympic barbell, but with a lighter weight that permits you to perfect your form. The deep knurl design feels coarse without being sharp, providing you a solid hold as your bench, squat, and deadlift. These Technique Barbells can be operated at home or in the gym.

This Fitness Equipment is a type of strength training. Barbell training equipment is utilized to enhance muscle strength training. You can also utilize barbells for core training to promote overall coordination. It can not only carry out resistance exercises for muscles but also burn fat in a bodybuilding line and enhance muscle strength. This 5KG Barbell can also delay muscle aging and enhance body coordination.


  • 45lb weight capacity
  • 79.15" Barbell Length 
  • 25mm-diameter shaft
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • 12.5" Loadable Sleeve Length 
  • 51.5" Barbell Length between collars 
  • Deep knurl pattern provides grip without being too abrasive


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