Tru Grit Fitness OL Trap Bar
Tru Grit Fitness OL Trap Bar
Tru Grit Fitness OL Trap Bar Handle Knurling
Tru Grit Fitness OL Trap Bar with 45LB Bumper Plates
OL Hex Trap Bar

OL Hex Trap Bar

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Completely versatile and used for many movements the Tru Grit Fitness Trap Bar will keep you lifting year-round. Not only is the OL Hex Trap bar used for shrugs it is a great tool for beginner lifters learning how to deadlift without placing unnecessary strain on the lower back. Mix up your lifting routine and improve your deadlift or even use the Trap Bar for overhead movements. Compatible with all Tru Grit Plates and Bumper Plates or barbell collars.


Bar dimensions 89”L x 29” W x 10”
Bar Weight 55 LBS
Custom knurling for improved grip
32MM Diameter barbell
Standard 50MM Center Diameter For Olympic or Bumper Plates
Industrial steel construction
Great for deadlifts, shoulder shrugs and much more
Weight Tolerance
+/- 1% of the labeled weight
Coated Black
Lifetime Warranty


Over 16" Inches Of Loadable Surface

Crafted for customers lifting heavy we wanted to provide a large collar area to allow for mulitiple bumper plates or steel plates. Enjoy a 16" surface area for loading your weight stack.

Two Tier Handles Option

Enjoy two tier handles options to mix up your workout. Great for Deadlifts, Shoulder Shrugs, Shoulder Press, and much more. The Hex Bar is fantastic for customers seeking a better solution for deadlifts who may not have mobility.

Constructed From Industrial Grade Steel

Designed in the USA to ensure longevity, rigidity and reliability. Crafted from industrial grade steel and Mig welded for added strength we ensure the Hex bar is the last trap bar that you will ever need.

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